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Police aid POCSO accused Gracias, Dabre, Vincent

Our future generations are wrecked by blind Pune police and State

Unmesh Gujarathi
Sprouts Exclusive

The sprouts Special investigation Team stumbled on a fraud most heinous committed by the Pune Police and unravels the sordid facts:

Conforming to the National pattern of police aiding POCSO accused, Pune Police have proved how the crimes under POCSO are deliberately diluted to help the accused.

Wanwadi police in 2018 in a shocking blindfolded investigation, filed only one FIR of one minor victim despite having information and complaints of 3 offences against three different minor Victims by the same accused priest and Principal Fr. Vincent Pereira.

To make matters even worse, the FIR slapped lesser offence sections despite clear-cut allegations, evidence and facts stated by the minor victim and a minor witness.

The minor 14-year-old boy and same-age witness classmate clearly stated that the perpetrator Principal Vincent became naked, undressed the victim fully by force and pushed the victim onto the bed. The monster of a predator then is alleged to have forced himself on the victim’s naked, frail 14-year-old body and went forth to and fro on his private part thus clearly implying rape and sodomy of the worst kind and attracting section 6 read with 5 of POCSO act which entailed minimum 10 years up to maximum life imprisonment.

What did the Pune Police do? Favouring the accused and treating him with kid gloves they charged him with the least punishable offence under section 8 of only sexual assault which carried a sentence of only 3-5 years.

The Police acted so blindly that even the aggravated sexual assault section of 10 which gets attracted when a staff of an institution commits an offence against a child belonging to the same institution and attracted a stiffer sentence of 5-7 years was bypassed even after the full knowledge that the perpetrator and victim belonged to the same school.

The height of aiding the other accused – Pune Bishop Thomas Dabre is that they showed the high profile page 3 celebrity and high flyer as wanted and absconding for 4 years and then only to help him get bail in both cases registered against him by the Wanwadi and Kondhwa police station just a few days ago. Could an ordinary accused even dream of getting bail after evading law enforcement agencies for 4 years? Readers will do well to know that the stringent act stipulates that the trial be completed in one year.

The cake on the icing for this well-organised and highly protected gang of sexual predators is that Archbishop Oswald Cardinal Gracias of Mumbai is yet to even see the face of the Investigation Officer and Police station after two months of registration of FIR. A true example of the age-old dictum in legal circles – ‘ Show me the person and I will show you the law’

Will our dear chief minister, deputy chief minister and home minister, chief secretary, home secretary answer the children of the State as to – Is this the way they are going to protect our kids who are supposed to be the foundation and future of our Great Nation?

Tomorrow Sprouts SIT reveals how notorious serial sexual predator Vincent not only evaded police custody for two months but showed his thumb at them by getting Judicial custody despite police request.

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