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Invisible ‘hands’ of Oswald and Dabre behind Rapist Fr. Vincent 

Sodomiser Vincent and team are ‘more powerful’ than Pune police

Unmesh Gujarathi
Sprouts Exclusive

The Sprouts’ Special Investigation Team (SIT) investigating the Oswald, Dabre, Vincent deadly homo combo found that this trio is either more powerful than the entire might of the Pune police or their influence ( through Catholic police officers ) has done the trick that no accused of heinous sexual crimes have ever succeeded in and here’s the evidence in black and white.

Just few days ago, Sprouts unraveled the sordid facts of how rape/sodomy offence under POCSO attracting 10 years to life imprisonment was changed to sexual assault offence having only a 3-5 years sentence.

The article also highlighted how two more POCSO cases have been swept under the carpet for 4 years and Dabre was shown as wanted and absconding accused for the same period of record 4 years in the only FIR registered.

The miraculous powers of ‘Saint’ Vincent and ‘Godfathers plus homo partners Oswald and Dabre in having a stranglehold on Pune cops continue unabated even in 2022.

The trio was booked on 30.9.22 by the Hadapsar police but with only one section 8 charged when applicable sections were – 10, 17, and 21.

The very next day on 1.10.22, the accused Vincent mysteriously disappeared from his NavSadhana residence at 9.30 am with his last call being to Dabre before switching off his mobile. Accused Vincent was supposed to be under physical surveillance and control of Dabre since his release on bail in his first offence.

The case was then transferred to Kondhwa Police station on 3.10.22. Kondhwa police along with several Special units of crack Crime branch teams could not trace the Invisible’ Saint for a record 20 days till his anticipatory bail application on 21.10.22 got him surprising interim protection in the absence of Special Pune Police, Investigation Officer, and that too from an Incharge Court.

Now even this ‘interim protection’ continued for an unusual one month and with an obvious defense plan to exhaust the 60 days time limit of filing of charge sheet which then would leave no chance for police to seek his custody.

Just a few days before the 60 days deadline for filing charge sheet, the Special Court rejected Vincent’s bail application on grounds that he had prima facie committed offence of grave sexual assault and custodial interrogation was needed.

Just with a few days of a window open to seeking his Police custody, the Kondhwa police Investigation Officer moved a remand application before the Special Court immediately on 1.11.22 only to be told that no custodial interrogation was needed by the very Special Court that two days ago had said exactly the opposite.

A flabbergasted Investigation Officer and Police Inspector (Crime) Sanjay Mogle was left red-faced and totally humiliated (along with the entire Pune police whom he represented) with the rejection of his request for police custody of an accused who was being sought for the last two months.

‘Saint’ Vincent had proved that he and his invincible, invisible Mr. India kind of bosses Oswald and Dabre were too good for Pune police to even get one day’s custody of a serial sexual offender accused.

An accused who is supposed to have committed his third POCSO offence against 4 minors, was denied bail twice, jailed for 1.5 years in his first offence, facing charges of a section that entailed minimum 5 n max 7 years imprisonment in two of the three FIRs and who had absconded for 20 days after 2nd FIR had proved too good for entire Pune police.

As Sprouts’ SIT has already pointed out in yesterday’s article and posed an important question to Pune police – Why is Mumbai Archbishop Oswald Gracias not summoned nor arrested despite two months, two FIRs and no protection from any court?

Sprouts’ SIT is being proved spot on when it had in earlier articles stated that Cardinal Gracias is the defacto All India Don and protector of the few criminal Bishops and priests in the Catholic community in India (audio tape proof available with Sprouts) and wields tremendous religious, political, money and bureaucratic (mainly IPS Catholic officers) influence because of his closeness to the world’s most powerful religious leader – The Pope.

The deadly homosexual trio gang of Oswald, Dabre and Vincent from the Pune sex scandal proceedings proved in a way that they are above Indian laws, justice system and answerable only to the International Police/ Court all rolled into one – The Pope.

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