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Builder for SRA project appointed on basis of bogus signatures, Residents outraged

Multi crore SRA housing scam

Unmesh Gujarathi
Sprouts Exclusive

Residents of the housing societies on Hill Road in Sion Chunabhatti have been outraged after discovering that builder Nilesh Kudalkar was appointed to redevelop their homes with the connivance of bogus officials who illegally signed the letterhead of the registered society. Most worryingly, an administrator has been sitting illegally for almost 8 years, leading to hundreds of houses being bulldozed. The Society members have complained to the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, and other concerned departments, but have yet to receive a response.

Residents who are not members and house owners have misused the registered society’s letterhead with the connivance of the builder. The Special Investigation Team (SIT) of ‘Sprouts’ has received sensational information from RTI that these residents illegally signed the letterhead of the society and on that basis corresponded with the officials of Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA) and appointed the builder.

Houses in the Housing Societies on Hill Road in Sion Chunabhatti (at Plot No. 373 and 295) have been standing there since 1960. These two societies ( Chunabhatti Shramik Co. Op. Housing Society and Sion Chunabhatti Shri. Guru Dutt Krupa Co. Op. Housing Society) both are registered with MHADA.

From the documents obtained by ‘Sprouts’, it is found that the chairman, secretary, treasurer and other officials signed on the letterhead of the housing society and cheated the relevant government departments.

The builder and the proposed bogus committee corresponded with SRA officials on the basis of letters signed by bogus office bearers of the society. These government officials also took further action without verifying these bogus officials. According to this proceeding, the redevelopment proposal of ‘Kings Builders and Developers’ builder Nilesh Kudalkar was accepted.

The most illegal aspect of the matter is that this builder was appointed by letter dated 22nd March 2014 and then the resolution of his appointment was passed on 6th April 2014.

Based on the RTI documents of ‘Sprouts’, the office bearers and members of the registered society approached the Kurla court. The court has also immediately ordered the local police to investigate.

For the benefit of the builder, the administrator has been sitting for almost 8 years

A complaint was made to MHADA regarding the affairs of the housing society by Chunabhatti Shramik Co. Op. Society members and non-homeowner residents who have no right to make such and any other type of complaint. Therefore, the office bearers of the registered society pointed out the true situation by writing to MHADA. But the corrupt officials of MHADA showed the complaint of the office bearers of the society a basket case and appointed an administrator on this society for the benefit of the builder.

The appointment of an administrator in any society is usually for a period of 6 months to 1 year, but with the connivance of the builder, this administrator has been sitting illegally till date, i.e., for almost 8 years. During the tenure of this administrator, hundreds of houses of the residents of the society were bulldozed.

The members of the registered society repeatedly complained to the Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister, Leader of Opposition, Minister of Cooperation, Cooperation Commissioner (Pune), Joint Registrar (SRA, MHADA), Police Administration and other concerned departments regarding this matter. However, no action has been taken on these complaints till today.

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