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Chief Justice Should Refrain from Attending The Indian Express Program

Sprouts urges CJI Chandrachud from accepting the invitation

Unmesh Gujarathi,
Sprouts News #exclusive

An investigation is currently underway to examine claims of large-scale embezzlement of public funds by a certain company. Multiple legal proceedings are ongoing in the courts.

This same organization has extended an invitation to Chief Justice of India Dhananjaya Yashwant Chandrachud to be the chief guest at a private event.

On behalf of ‘Sprouts’, we would respectfully request that the Chief Justice not attend the highly-promoted program in newspapers.

We understand the potential message that may be conveyed by the judiciary and would like to ensure the utmost respect is given to all associated branches.

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‘The Indian Express‘ group has organized an event on March 22 to distribute the ‘Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism’ award. This private event will be held in Delhi.

Express Group has invited Chief Justice of India Dhananjaya Yashwant Chandrachud as the chief guest for this event. In fact, there are allegations of malpractice against this group.

The group has a large tower at Nariman Point in Mumbai. The plot required for this tower (Express Tower) has been given on lease by the Government of Maharashtra.

The owner of this group, Vivek Goenka, illegally sold this plot of land, and through this, he lost thousands of crores of revenue to the government. An inquiry into the allegations of malpractice is also underway. (Of course, this inquiry has been pending for six years without any result. )

Actually, many claims are pending in court against the group ‘The Indian Express’. The most important thing is that the Pune District Court has pulled the trigger on this group for doing ‘yellow journalism’.

Last year, during Diwali, I published an incriminating story on the editors of Loksatta, a newspaper owned by this group. This group has filed a suit for Rs 200 crore against me without respecting the freedom of the press.

This case is in the Bombay High Court. Dr. Abhinav Chandrachud is against me as a lawyer in this case. Abhinav Chandrachud is contesting the case as a lawyer. He is an advocate of “The Indian Express Group.”

Dr. Abhinav Chandrachud is son of Chief Justice D.Y. Chandrachud. Chief Justice D.Y. Chandrachud will be present at the ceremony. I fear that this father-son relationship will affect my case.

Not only this, the Indian Express group has invited Chief Justice Chandrachud for this event, the intention of this group is doubtful. Not only this but the rest of the judges may also be influenced by this case.

‘Sprouts’ has given a letter directly to Chief Justice Chandrachud requesting that he reconsider attending this program if a healthy democracy is to be preserved. Many proofs are also attached to this letter.

The deadly step of ‘The Indian Express’ group

*** Many claims and cases of ‘The Indian Express’ group are pending in courts. If Chief Justice Dhananjaya Chandrachud attends this private event, it may send the wrong message that the group and the Chief Justice’s family have cordial and personal relations. Apart from this, it can also influence the judges handling the cases related to this group.

*** Dr. Abhinav Chandrachud is a columnist for the newspaper of this group, and he also looks after the court work of this group. If his father is the Chief Justice and he attended this newspaper’s private event, it would send the wrong message that this family and this group have close personal and family ties. For this, ‘Sprouts’ has humbly appealed that Chief Justice Chandrachud rejects the invitation to this event.

*** Chief Justice D.Y. Chandrachud has been invited by the Express Group, but the intention of the group behind the invitation is suspicious. The organizers may have had good intentions, but if tomorrow all the newspapers call the Chief Justice for such a private event, it can lead to a wrong and dangerous step and be fatal to the health of democracy.

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