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Halal’ is an Arabic word and it means lawful or permitted as per Islam. The demand for ‘Halal’ was started with meat and now it is extended to even vegetarian food, besides cosmetics, medicines, hospitals, housing societies, etc. ‘Halal’ certification has been mandatory by paying money to the Islamic organisations like ‘Halal India’, ‘Jamiyat Ulem-e-Hind’, etc. There is an organisation of the secular Indian Government viz.theFood Safety and StandardsAuthority of India (FSSAI) for issuing necessary certification, why is then a private Islamic certification being forced on companies? The population of Muslims, which is claimed to be a minority, is only 15 to 17% in India, so, why is ‘Halal’ being imposed on the other majority Hindus and non-Muslims? Even foreign companies like McDonald and Dominos are serving ‘Halal’ food to all consumers. The most important point is the millions of rupees earned through such ‘Halal’ certification is received by a few Islamic organisations instead of the Government and some of the organisations issuing such certification are using the money to extend legal aid to the fanatics involved in terrorist activities. The parallel economy in secular India is a very serious matter for the security of this country and the Government should immediately stop this system of ‘Halal’ certification. This demand should be made by all Hindus and Hindus should celebrate ‘Halal-free Diwali’ this year by boycotting all ‘Halal’ certified products, appealed Mr Sunil Ghanwat, State Organiser, Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) while addressing a press conference held at Nashik. Mr Deepak Bairagi, Maharashtra State Secretary of Akhil Bhartiya Vaishnava Bairagi Parishad and Mr Gaurav Jamdhade, Nashik District Coordinator of HJS were also present on the occasion.

It is most shocking that in secular India, even government undertakings like ‘Indian Railways’ and ‘Tourism Corporations’ are serving ‘Halal’ certified food. From pure vegetarian snacks to dry fruits, sweets, chocolates, grains, oils; besides cosmetics, soaps, shampoo, toothpaste, and lipstick are being ‘halal’ certified. Mr Nicholas Taleb, a scholar from Britain has called it ‘Minority Dictatorship’. If these things continue, it would not be wrong to say that India is moving towards ‘Islamisation’.

Where is the need for Islamic organisations in India to issue ‘Halal’ certification when the Indian Government’s FSSAI is doing this job? For ‘Halal’ certification, Rs. 21,000/- are charged initially and Rs. 15,000/- are charged later for annual renewal. It is most important to quell this parallel economy created out of ‘Halal’. Hindus should, therefore, use their right as consumers and boycott all ‘Halal’ certified products in Diwali and boycott even food from McDonald and Dominos etc, and join the campaign of ‘Halal free Diwali’, which is an appeal made by HJS. HJS has been trying to create awareness through staging demonstrations, submitting memorandums, social media, etc. on this issue.


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