Shelgaon Barrage remains incomplete for the last 24 years

Unmesh Gujarathi
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The Shelgaon barrage was approved to irrigate nearly 11,318 hectares of farmland in Yaval, Bhusawal and Jalgaon talukas so as to make the land fertile and provide enough water to the area in 1998.
Over Rs 345 crore was spent on the project in the intervening years. However, the project has remained incomplete in the last 24 years. Due to this, there is widespread discontent among the local populace.   
With a view to harnessing the water of the Tapi river originating from Madhya Pradesh and flowing to Gujarat via Jalgaon in Khandesh, this project was included in “Baliraja Jal Sanjivani Yojana”. Till now Rs 345 crore has been spent and demand of Rs 60 crore has been put forward before the state government.
“The work on the project began in 2009. I am following up on the matter to ensure the speedier completion of the project. Now the work is in the final stage and the project is expected to be completed soon”, 
Shirish Chowdhary.
“ Out of 16 gates of the barrage, the work of the 10 gates has been completed and the work of 6 gates is still incomplete. No one knows how many years it will take to complete the project and even the Government is not certain about this. Due to this delay, thousands of farmers and residents will be deprived of water” 
Sumit Deshmukh,
senior Social Worker


  • Unmesh Gujarathi
    Unmesh Gujarathi

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