Mahavitaran loses crores of rupees due to Mane’s underhand dealings

Mahavitaran loses crores of rupees due to Mane’s underhand dealings

Mahavitaran loses crores of rupees due to Mane’s underhand dealings


The best mode....issue inflated bills and then reduce/withdraw them


Heavy underhand dealings


The provisions of the Electricity Act 2003 thrown to wind


Mane runs an official extortion racket


A plethora of irregularities in the kitty of Rajaram Mane


While many complaints have been registered against the alleged corrupt practices adopted by Rajaram Mane, Mahavitaran’s Superintending Engineer at Vashi Circle, an end number of irregularities indulged into by Mane have come to the fore.

Due to the irregularities committed by Mane the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Co. Ltd(MSEDCL), Mahavitaran has suffered a loss of whopping Rs 20 crores in Navi Mumbai  MIDC, since the assessment bills were not recovered from the consumers. On the contrary inflated power assessment were sent to consumers and they were subsequently withdrawn after the gullible consumers greased the palm of Mane.

In the last few months Mahavitaran received nearly 98 complaints about HT consumers. However Mane prepared inspection reports of only 38 consumers and “settled”  all other 60 cases. Mane is accused of forging the signature of former Executive Engineer (Admn) Chaphale, who retired on February 28, 2020. However Mane forged his signature and used back dated outward numbers, to settle the cases.
He allegedly extorted money from a host of consumers, who included:  Suresh Footwear,  Meramax,  Reliable Plaza,  PM Cold Storage, Powerica Ltd. All these consumers are having HT power supply and consume a sizable quantum of  power. Mane booked most of them under section 126 of the Electricity Act 2003 to exhort money.

In case of  Loma IT Park, initial bill assessment on March 05, 2020, was Rs. 10.67 crore. But it was revised to just Rs. 2,66 crore on August 18, 2020. Again after 5 month of provisional assessment, it was revised to Rs.20,42 lakh on September 02, 2020. Needless to say that Mane had a sizable under hand deal in this case. Subsequently he closed the matter. Three times the assessment changes and eventually the bill gets reduced. What better example can be about under hand dealing of Mane ?

In case of Suresh Footware initially the assessment bill of Rs. 69 lakh was served. However the consumer did not give money to Mane and registered the case with Consumer Grievances Redressal Forum(C.G.R.F), Bhandup. He won the case. Similarly the Meramax were given the bill for Rs 1.91 Crore. They too registered the case with C.G.R.F and won the case. P.M Cold storage also had the similar experience. They were given the assessment bill of Rs. 68.59 lakh. They did not grease the lam of Mane and registered the case with C.G.R.F and won the case .  In these three cases, the assessment was done though the applications submitted by the consumers for change of activity.

In case of Loma Co-Developers Pvt Ltd. the initial bill assessment of Rs.7.10 crore was given on March 5, 2020. It was revised to Rs. 2,66 core on August 18, 2020.  After 5 month of provisional assessment on September 02, 2020, it was further  revised to Rs.1.81core.

Why Mane waited for 9 months after serving the provisional assessment bill ? As per the Electricity Act (U/S. 126), the consumer must point out his objection within 30 days. After the expiry of 30 days the final assessment should be given to consumer. Why did Mane violated provisions of the electricity act ?  

For the “Select Control” the assessment bill of Rs. 143,00,000/ was given. Then it was  revised to Rs. 70,00,000/-. The said consumer is yet to pay the bill to Mahavitaran.  

In case of the “Pipes and tube Processors”, initially a bill of Rs. 1,10,00,000/- was given. Then it was revised to just Rs. 6,00,000/-.Similarly, the T.M. Printers  were given the bill of Rs.1,89,00,000/-Then the bill was withdrawn by Mane after collecting the money from the party.

One Savla was storing dairy products in cold storage and was claiming rebate in power bills on the ground that the dairy products came under “agriculture” category. However as per APMC, the dairy products do not fall under  “ agriculture” category. Mahavitaran’s CGRF rejected Savla’s claim on November 19,2020. However Mane “settled” all cases related to Salva’s cold storage. Similarly he “settled” the cases related to the “Seawood Mall” and L & T’s Seawood power station.

In the matter of “Select Control”  Mane visited the consumer premises at plot.No.27/1, which was being used for R&D activity. The action attracted section 126 of Electricity Act.2003.

As per MERC tariff order No 322 of April, the R&D activity comes under commercial tariff. Mane visited the premises on January 20, 2020, but closed the matter after collecting heavy money.

Repeated attempts to reach Mane failed since he did not respond to telephone calls or e mail sent.

President Maharashtra Veej Grahak Sanghatana. Secretary Janata Dal Secular Maharashtra, said that the irregularities in the functioning of the Mahavitaran must be brought to the fore to end the rampant corruption. “I will take up the issue with Energy Minister”. Due to such corrupt activities Mahavitan is suffering loss on one hand and at the same time poor consumers,including farmers. are made to pay the electricity bills with heavy tariff.

Dinesh Lokhande of the Mahavitaran Power Consumers Association demanded immediate suspension of Superintending Engineer Rajaram Mane. If he is not suspended we will stage an agitation in front of Mahavitaran headquarters at Bandra in Mumbai, he added.

• Sanjeevkumar Sadanandan, who first exposed the corruption in Mahavitaran’s Vashi office, by writing a letter to Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on December 21,2010, demanded immediate suspension of corrupt Superintending Engineer Rajaram Mane.

• The Mahavitaran is already suffering huge losses due to various reasons including power thefts, carried out in collusion with Mahaviatan officers. Now it is time to nip in bud the massive corruption in Mahavitaran.


  • Unmesh Gujarathi
    Unmesh Gujarathi

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