Traffic stopped after reports of cracks in Gandhari bridge resumed

Due to the garbage trapped in the pillars due to dusk, there was a feeling of crack

Arvind Mishra

KALYAN: The Gandhari bridge on Kalyan Padgha road was closed for traffic on Monday following reports of cracks in its pillars, which are 20 years old, the traffic on this bridge was diverted from Bhiwandi route. Due to the closure of this bridge, people had to face a lot of trouble. During the preliminary inspection on Monday, it was realized that there were cracks in the bridge, but during a thorough inspection on Tuesday, it was found that the cracks were minor, after which the traffic on the bridge has been resumed after 3 pm on Tuesday.

The Gandhari bridge built on the Kalu-Ulhas river is located on the Kalyan Padgha road, the bridge was inspected after incessant rains for the past few days, due to the evening time, the black plastic and grass and garbage trapped due to floods were washed away. Being trapped in the pillars of the bridge, the inspectors realized a crack in the bridge and the traffic through the bridge was immediately suspended till a thorough investigation was done. On Tuesday, Public Works Department officials Prashant Mankar along with some other subordinates went near the bridge by boat to inspect the bridge and after zooming the camera, it was found that the bridge has normal cracks and heavy cracks due to garbage. It was realized that Prashant accepted this information and sent it to his senior officers. However, people had to face a lot of problems due to the suspension of traffic on the bridge and people were seen going home after parking their vehicles near the bridge.

Public Works Department (PWD) engineer Prashant Manekar said the bridge has minor cracks which are not deceiving which can be repaired even if the traffic continues. He also sent this information to senior officers and traffic has been started on Gandhari bridge from 3 pm on Tuesday. The bridge will be repaired soon.


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