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Suvarna Dheringe

Research has found that the will power to learn new things and discover unique ideas seems to have significantly more bringing on the quality of creative work than wisdom alone. The drive for analytical exploration of one’s inner and outer worlds is the single strongest and most reliable personality feature that forecasts creative achievement.

Being open-minded, one can gain greater insight into new ideas and topics you otherwise would not have. In fact, if one has openness, they can have a constant learning process, that's how it keeps our brain young too!

Some people have a curious question, is the point of completion of the painting satisfactory or does the imperfection continue to be felt? How exactly does that happen? Well, There is “a starting point” for the painting to start; While painting It’s indeed very important to me. Which enables in determining the feeling of that point of perfection. For example, The starting point of my painting is often not under any pre-planning, like, I don't know what to paint until I pick up the brush; That painting is just as new to me as the third person who sees it. So the artist himself is sometimes terribly surprised by that ease. Actually, the artist's restlessness in the artwork is the important thing to get the desired outcome of painting. Sometimes it takes a day, sometimes a week, sometimes a month to get out of that intense restlessness to an artist.

I think the next painting would be the answer to the upset mind in your previous paintings. But again, the restlessness of the next painting came. Even after the unsettled attitude of the real artists always comes naturally. 

And "I think it's important to be upset" ... that's where the next painting begins. It is from that imperfection that the painter gains perfection day by day just as easily as the artist. This may be the reason why I often like the imperfections more than the perfections in the painting.

According to my lights, paintings are a tree of happiness and the artist can create the same place from the fruits of the restlessness that comes out of it. That's why it would be hard for an artist to feed the next painting without all those fruits that are very dearest to themselves ... isn't it? 

Therefore Basically,I must say that, An artist should be unsettled in terms of being creative.  


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