Spirituality Principles of spiritual practice

Principles of spiritual practice

Spiritual practice according to one’s spiritual level

       In spiritual terms, spiritual level during Final Liberation is considered 100% and spiritual level of inanimate objects is 0%. An average individual is at 20% spiritual level. Few examples of spiritual level according to ones spiritual path is cited below. A person at 20% spiritual level does not do any spiritual practice. He is very far from spiritual practice. He is into corruption, or enjoys worldly pleasures, is quarrelsome too. Normally a person at 25% spiritual level believes in God. A person at 30 % spiritual level does puja, reads Scriptures, goes to temple, undertakes fasting etc. He/ she is more interested in Karmakand ( path of ritualistic worship). The next type of sadhana is that according to Upasankanda that is, Namjap sadhana (chanting). A person who chants is at a spiritual level of 40%. At 50% a person starts attending satsang. What does satsang mean? It is company of the Absolute Truth. A person who regularly attends satsang, reads scriptures and is most of the time in communion with God is at a spiritual level of 50%. At 55% spiritual level a person starts doing satseva and he is blessed by a Guru that is, a Guru comes in the life of the seeker and guides the disciple. At 60% spiritual level the seeker is liberated from the cycles of birth and death. At 70 % spiritual level, a person attains Sainthood. We can try to understand this concept from the chart displayed on the screen.

     Another importance of spiritual level is that an individual is born with the same spiritual level at which he / she had died in the previous birth. His spiritual sojourn takes place from that spiritual level in the next birth. This is unlike our curricular exams. That means, through intellect we begin our studies by learning A, B, C, D… in this birth but we have to relearn it in the next birth, but in spirituality it is not so. Our spiritual strength is with us after our death too. As and when we perform correct spiritual practice our spiritual progress takes place and spiritual level increases. Only a Saint or Sadguru can correctly tell a seeker’s spiritual level. Instead of doing spiritual practice as per our spiritual level if we try to put in efforts to do acts of the next spiritual level our spiritual progress becomes faster. ex: if a person at 30% spiritual level tries to chant and attend satsang, he will progress faster spiritually. 

 - Sanatan Sanstha 


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