‘Caution’ on the way to school!

Pune: School bells will be rung in urban and rural areas from next Monday. Students' school attendance will once again fill the school premises. But students who have been studying at home for a year and a half on the back of Corona will come back to school. Considering the gap in education created by online education, the mentality of students, educational development, parents along with school teachers now need to take cautious steps. As part of that, teachers and parents themselves are putting in some guidelines.

Class V to XII in rural areas and class VIII to XII in urban areas is starting from Monday (4th) in the state. In this context, parents and teachers have given tips on how to take care of the students while sending them to school.

Parental responsibility

Children with fear in mind

Motivating to go to school

To give preconceptions to the teachers about the educational progress of the children so far

Ask the student to take a bath after coming home from school

Coordinating with teachers to bridge the gap in education

Priority should be given to the intellectual, mental and physical development of children

Communicate positively with children from time to time to allay fears

Review the studies taught so far in the online classroom

Prepare children with sanitizer, water bottle, mouth mask

Responsibility of teachers

Motivate parents to send students to school

The first one or two weeks should allow students to get used to school without focusing on direct learning.

Children's foreknowledge should be reviewed and level wise study should be done accordingly

Parents should be instructed to allay their coronary fears

Parents should be consulted to review their children's academic progress so far

Considering the current mentality of the students, some special activities should be taken

Communicate consistently with students and parents

Students should be consistently instructed to use hand sanitizer

82% of students in the country are eager to go to school

According to a survey conducted by Brenley, an online learning platform, 82 per cent of students in the country are now eager to attend school. Although students have adapted to the learning environment at home, the survey found that no technology can replace friendship and communication.


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