Glorious History of Hinduism : Great Saints

Saint Janabai 

  A literal example of dasya-bhav (bhav unto God as a servitor)  

Saint Janabai was born in a Gangakhed, in dist. Parabhani. Later she came to Pandharpur and started living in Saint Namdev’s father’s, Damashet tailor’s house. Since then she was Saint Namdev’s family member. She would call herself, ‘Namayachi dasi’ (servant of Saint Namdev). She had dedicated Her life at Shri Vitthal’s lotus feet; She was totally at service in Saint Namdev’s house. Her every action was Brahman for her. She was so much engrossed in her devotion to Shri Vitthal while serving in that house that Shri Vitthal would come personally to assist her in her chores.

Once Janabai and Her neighbor had very severe arguments in connection to cow dung cakes which they both had spread for drying in the sun; since these cow dung cakes were very close to one another, the neighbour was upset with Janabai. A panch from that village came to resolve the dispute. He asked both of them, ‘How to recognize your cakes ?’ That time Janabai told him, “The cake through which you will hear the Name of Vitthal, is mine.” Accordingly, when the panch tried to sort out the cakes, he could hear the name of Vitthal coming through them. From this example we can imagine, what must be the quality of her chanting.

About 350 hymns composed by Saint Janabai are printed as ‘Sakal Sant Gatha’. They are based on the birth of Krushna, biography of Prahlad, child play of Krushna etc. She has also written a narrative on King Harishchandra, named, ‘Harishchandrakhyan’.

- Hindu Janajagruti Samiti 


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