Mumbai cops book 12 after death due to spurious injection

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Fake injection kills govt staffer in Mumbai, 12 suppliers booked

A Maharashtra government staffer allegedly died after being administered a bogus injection. He was admitted to Saifee Hospital in South Mumbai’s Charni Road

The Mumbai Police has booked at least a dozen people in connection with the death of a government staffer in Mumbai. The staffer allegedly died due to a bogus injection administered to him.

Vivek Kambli, 55, was a clerk at Mantralaya (administrative headquarters of the government of Maharashtra). He was admitted for iron deficiency at Charni Road’s Saifee Hospital. He died on October 12 last year.

Kambli’s wife Sushma raised doubts over his death, alleging it to be caused by the fake injection administered to him.

The state Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took note of her complaint and launched a probe on a batch of iron supplement injections, resulting in them not matching the control samples.

On the complaint of FDA medicine inspector Rajesh Bankar, an FIR was filed. Sections of cheating, forgery, breach of trust, and making counterfeit seals under the Indian Penal Code and relevant sections under the Drugs and Cosmetic Act have been invoked.

In the FIR, Saifee’s in-house medical store, NRS Pharma, Aditjit Pharma Distributors, Jain agencies, Dev Pharma, MDK Pharma, Vardhan distributors, Siddhivinayak Pharma, Emcee Meditech system, Jai Maa Amba Medicos, Kanha and GR Pharma, have been named.

In fact, in November 2022, the FDA issued an order for Emcure to recall its product over Kambli’s death.

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