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Raj Thackeray Says Loudspeaker Protest Won’t Stop

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray Wednesday said that the protest in the form of playing the Hanuman Chalisa in front of mosques will continue until all loudspeakers are removed from the mosques. He also demanded the state government to take action against mosques who played loudspeakers Wednesday morning.

On Wednesday, Thackeray, while addressing the media said, “There are 1,140 mosques in Mumbai of which 135 mosques used loudspeakers in the morning (Wednesday) for Azaan before 5 am or 6am. You (state government) are detaining our workers, sending them notices, what action will you be taking against the erring mosques? Why are only we being targeted and not those who are breaking the law by using loudspeakers?”

“I am not saying that loudspeakers should be removed from only mosques. They should be removed even from temples. I am not against prayers but why do you need loudspeakers and mics? Why are you making us listen to your prayers?”

“There are so many illegal mosques. Why give permission to them? This issue is not limited to morning ‘azaan’. We are ready to respond if ‘azaan’ is played loudly again. Decibel level of 45 to 55 is fine. What is the need for a loudspeaker? Illegal loudspeakers should be removed,”

“It’s not only about mosques; there are several temples where illegal loudspeakers are running. I have already made it clear that its (illegal loudspeakers) not a religious issue but a social issue.”

“I have been receiving calls from several parts of the state and outside. At many places, my party’s workers have been detained and issued notices. Those who are following the law are being detained and those who don’t are going scot-free,”

– Raj Thackeray

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