Vision & Values


    To be one of the most appreciated media brands with an ability to enable socio-economic change in society.


  • Trendsetters:

    At Sprouts, we aim to continually strive and maintain a point of difference with competitors when it comes to content and format. We believe in stretching the boundaries of every team member’s journalistic passion by incentivizing risk-taking abilities.

  • Result-oriented:

    As far as factors like stakeholders’ satisfaction, business operations, and reader connection are concerned, we always aim to remain metrics-driven. All our teams maintain a consistent focus on goals, and our everyday work ethos reflects the same.

  • Data-driven approach:

    The group believes in following an analytical approach for all its endeavors.

  • A firm ground connection:

    Leadership at Sprouts believes in capturing the latest national and international trends by establishing a firm ground connection.
    Maintaining a culture of recognition and respect with both external and internal stakeholders is vital for us. The team aims to always keep a tap on understanding what employees, channel partners, and viewers, and readers want from us.