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Whether the government will take responsibility or not?

Dance Bar Demolition!!!

Unmesh Gujarathi
Sprouts Analysis

In 2005, former home minister RR Patil (Aaba) had made a resolve to close all dance bars in the state which destroyed many families. Children of those women who went through the labour pains while witnessing the dreams of the dance bar ban have become voters now, Aaba is no more but still no one could touch the Shetty lobby.

After 18 long years, the hammer of Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation is in the limelight, obviously, for the right reasons. Just like former Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) deputy commissioner GR Khairnar, Dr Rahul Gethe, Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation deputy commissioner (Encroachment) has undertaken the mission to demolish illegal constructions of dance bars, hotels and big schools in Navi Mumbai. Not only this, but he is also recovering fine at a fast pace. In just 20 days, he has earned Rs 1.13 crore in revenue. Earlier, the municipal corporation required a whole year to earn this much amount. On one hand, this mission has created hope in the hearts of people but on the other hand, Dr Gethe is receiving threats due to his mission. He is facing pressure like GR Khairnar and Tukaram Mundhe.

The dance bar issue has not only moral but economic and social facets also. As people spent the money earned by selling their lands on bar girls, many families came to the streets. Even criminal activities increased due to it but as the government gets the Excise Duty, dance bars continue to operate.

In most of these bars, senior police officials or political leaders have their hidden partnerships. Deals and transactions worth crores take place in a night in these dance bars. These dance bar owners give party funds to political parties. As a result, these golden-egg-laying hens get hidden political patronage. However, due to this, many ministers like Shambhuraj Desai may come and go but the economic offenses in these dance bars grow consistently.

In Navi Mumbai, many dance bars operate openly under the pretext of orchestra. Many activities go on throughout the night in these dance bars and money worth crores is spent. Citizens complain about it frequently but everything is on unabated with the blessings of the State Excise Department and the police.

Any municipal corporation is held responsible for illegal construction in areas under its jurisdiction always. Even if the municipal corporation decides to take action, it does not get the necessary police force in time. Former Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) deputy commissioner GR Khairnar wanted to demolish more than 400 buildings owned by underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and his relatives. However, he could take action against only 25 such buildings. The reason was the lack of political will and police protection. In such a scenario, the future of Navi Mumbai depends on who will support Dr Gethe and up to what extent. Let’s hope for the better!

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