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Wilson College Students in Mumbai Prohibited from Sitting for Exams

The 75 percent attendance rule is causing distress among students, particularly affecting 20 second-year BSc IT students at Wilson College in Mumbai. According to a report in Mid Day, the students have been barred from both written and practical exams for failing to meet the minimum attendance requirements. Facing the prospect of a dropped year and the challenge of restarting their course aligned with the New Education Policy (NEP), students express frustration at the lack of prior warnings from the college administration.

Attendance for lectures is now recorded on a course-by-course basis, with the expectation of 100 percent attendance for all lectures and practicals. However, recognizing that perfect attendance may not always be feasible, the college mandates a minimum of 75 percent attendance per course. Any student falling short of this requirement, including tutorials, is ineligible to sit for the End Semester Exam (ESE) in that course.

Students are now voicing criticism against the college administration for its sudden enforcement of attendance policies without adequate prior communication. They intend to lodge a complaint with the chief minister’s office, alleging a lack of transparency in providing monthly lists of attendance defaulters, as done in the past.

Seeking support, the students have engaged advocate Dhananjay Junnarkar, a spokesperson for the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress. Junnarkar advocates for more student-centered decision-making, emphasizing that while the students may have failed to meet attendance requirements, denying them the opportunity to take exams and jeopardizing their academic year is overly harsh and lacks empathy.

Despite attempts to address the issue directly with the college principal, students report encountering resistance and dismissiveness. This attitude highlights broader communication issues within the institution. Determined to seek resolution, students plan to escalate their concerns to the education minister and chief minister, with Junnarkar offering his assistance.Srilatha Ratnam, the Head of Department for BSc IT at Wilson College, acknowledges the students’ concerns and assures that the matter is under investigation and will be addressed following a meeting.

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