A Film Artist Waiting for Justice Since a Decade

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Versova Cops Ask the Complainant to Go and Trace Out the Accused

Unmesh Gujarathi
Sprouts Exclusive

A Marathi film artist has been awaiting justice for over a decade. There is no progress despite the court issuing a warrant and ordering the arrest of the accused. Perhaps, the offender has a helping hand in the police force.

The accused is still a free bird. And surprisingly, the Versova police asked the complainant to search the offender himself.
Did cops really ask the victim to trace the accused? Did they make this bizarre demand that goes against the policing manual? Yes, the Special Investigating Team at Sprouts recently double-checked some of the aspects of the case.

Case Details:
Late veteran filmmaker and artist Dada Kondke created history with his iconic films. Dr. Pramod Nalwade considers him his icon and has always tried to carry Dada Kondke’s legacy forward. Thus, he is often referred to as “Junior Dada Kondke” in the film industry. Nalwade has acted in over 20 films till now.

Dr. Nalawade produced the Marathi film “Mee Hayana Tumchyasathi” in 2010. The broadcast rights of the film (electronic media) were purchased by “Satyam Video Entertainment .”Nandkumar Ganpat Vichare, the proprietor of “Satyam Video Entertainment,” issued four cheques in favor of Nalawade for the rights. Out of these, the first cheque was realized, and the remaining three cheques bounced due to a lack of funds.

As such, Nalawade approached the Metropolitan Magistrate, Bandra, in 2013. The court issued an arrest warrant and several notices. However, Versova police have been dilly-dallying the matter and have not arrested the accused as yet.

Nalawade has expressed surprise that the police cannot trace Vichare, despite furnishing all the details, including his home and office address and bank details.

Since Versova police could not trace the accused, Nalawade had also lodged a written complaint in July 2017 with the Mumbai Police Commissioner. But the complaint was not even acknowledged.

Nalwade has been fighting his case single-handedly for the last ten years. But since the accused is still at large, he is worried and tense.

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