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Unmesh Gujarathi
Editor In Chief

Unmesh Gujarathi's journalistic career spans two decades in print and digital journalism with top newspapers like The Asian Age, The Free Press Journal, Lokmat, and Pudhari. His recent stint was at Dabang Dunia as the paper’s resident editor for the Mumbai edition.

Believes in working as a watchdog for injustice and corruption

The most significant corruption cases, illegal practices and wrongdoings of the government as well as corporates have been exposed by journalists instead of the state’s anti-corruption mechanism.

May it be the Congress or BJP Government, investigative journalists often face threats, violence, and life-threatening attacks. Unmesh Gujarathi has had his share as well. But, these attacks never deterred him from working on penetrating investigative articles that exposed the mighty powerful politicians, bank CEOs, chit-fund scam accused, or even sitting cabinet ministers indulged in wrong-doing.

His story about the fraudulent letter(s) of intent issued by Prime Minister Modi to farmers whose land was acquired by the JNPT attracted the country's attention. So did his popular articles about Mahesh Motewar's Samruddha Jeevan Chit Fund Scam, Sahara Group Chit Fund Scam, and those on business dealings involving Chanda Kochhar, her husband, as well as Venugopal Dhoot.

Articles not only offered updates about the investigation status for various chit-fund scams but also provided legal guidance to readers, scam victims in their legal war to get their invested money back. Such content helped him in becoming a household name and win multiple awards from not-for-profit organizations.

Several newspaper editors were hesitating to expose how Gujarat-based co-operative banks linked with Amit Shah benefitted due to demonetization. But, Unmesh Gujarathi never waited to do so during his tenure as Dabang Dunia's resident editor. He also pursued and reported extensively on the Judge Loya case's Nagpur connection and the involvement of state Chief Minister Fadnavis's Cousin in the same.

Besides hundreds of other stories, his column about Chhatrapati Shivaji statue’s damaged sword at Raigad highlighted the lax security for artifacts at forts in Maharashtra. A firm devotee of Lord Ganesha, Unmesh Gujarathi also wrote regarding rumors, superstition, spread by certain committee members of the Lalbaugcha Raja mandal. He’s still facing the litigation for printing the facts.

The author of several widely appreciated books

Born in a humble family in Mumbai, Unmesh Gujarathi completed his degree in journalism and masters in commerce.

Unmesh Gujarathi is also the author of widely appreciated Marathi books. Besides his general knowledge and career development books, the copies of other books like Hindurudai Samrat (provides a vivid account on Balasaheb Thackeray's life), The Right To Information Act 2005,' Chanakya Neeti, and 'Taliban and Osama after 9/11' are available in the market even after a decade from their release.

His book about the RTI Act was written and released within 20 days from the day the act came into force. Anna Hazare personally appreciated the author's efforts taken towards helping the common man understand the law. Even the set of essays based on Taliban’s modus operandi and its impact on the world helped Unmesh Gujarathi garner fan following. It was a considerable risk, as releasing such a book meant facing ire from right-wing organizations back in 2001.

Retaining the readers in the digital era

"Undoubtedly, all the newspapers offer news, information, and at times, intellectual entertainment as well. However, in this era of digital content, information and ideas are exchanged at lightning speed. Readers often forget their source of information. Thus, to come out of the existential crisis, it has become essential for newspapers to form a bond and stay connected to readers with the help of branding strategies." - Unmesh Gujarathi

In today’s click-bait, instant access to the information era, quality journalism is slowly losing the limelight. So-called half-baked citizen journalism is spreading with the help of Facebook and Twitter. Genuine journalists lose their reader base within weeks. However, Unmesh Gujarathi has managed to stay connected to readers via his Facebook page that registers millions of monthly interactions.

After several years of efforts, today, readers in Western India know Unmesh due to his fearlessness in reporting. He has developed an image as an ethical, virtuous, hard-working journalist.

At a very young age, he has also proved his capabilities as a resident editor by managing teams of the desktop, field, and freelance journalists efficiently to improve Dabang Dunia’s readership.

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