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Beer bar on the land which is rewarded to Khandoba Temple

Unmesh Gujarati
Sprouts Exclusive

Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj had gifted land to the temple of lord Khandoba at Jejuri. The Special Investigation Team (SIT) of ‘Sprouts’ has got the sensational information that the caretakers of the temple have opened a beer bar on this said land gifted to Khandoba temple.

There is a temple of the lord Khandoba in the village of Jejuri in Pune district, who is the deity of Maharashtra. So far, more than 250 acres of land have been donated to the temple for spiritual purpose and to generate income for the maintenance of this temple.

Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj ( son of Chhatrapati Sambhaji and Maharani Yesubai, Satara dynasty ) himself donated some land to the temple in order to generate income for the distribution of daily food (prasad) and worship. It was Maharaj’s noble intention that this expenditure should be met from the income of this land.
On this land, Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj built a holy tank called ‘Malhartirtha’ for the devotees who come to visit. Next to this tank (kind), there is also a tank called ‘Lakshmithirtha’. Bathing in this historic tank is considered very sacred.

Peshwas were looking after the maintenance of such holy land. Even today his alleged descendant Mhalsakant Peshwa is living in Jejuri village. But due to greediness and desire of excessive money, he has built a beer bar on this land. So pictures of drunkards pouring liquor can be seen here every day.

Due to this beer bar on the premises of the temple, there is a constant flow of drunkards throughout the day, thereby the sanctity of the temple and the holy tank is being destroyed. The temple is being desecrated. Besides, this is a misuse of the land gifted by Chhatrapati to the temple. Therefore, the liquor license of this beer bar should be terminated immediately and action should be taken against the guilty persons. Such demand has been made by former Trustee of ‘Martand Devsansthan Trust’ Nanda Raut and social activist Surendra Kadam while speaking to the ‘Sprouts’.

Here’s the legend :

Even today there is a historical holy tank on the land rewarded by Maharajas. The water in this tank is considered sacred. The Peshwas took the water from this tank to the fields. The grains produced from it were used for prasad to be distributed to the devotees. There is a legend that Lakshmi reaches the house of devotees as this grain goes from house to house. Today, a beer bar has been opened adjacent to this holy tank.

Are there Peshwas?

The SIT of the Sprouts has doubts about whether today those who claim to be descendants of Peshwa are really his descendants. When Mhalsakant Peshwa was contacted for a reaction, he could not be reached.

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