The Black act of car-crazy Bishop

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Unmesh Gujarathi
Sprouts Exclusive

Pope’s ambassador to India – Nuncio in Delhi – Leopoldo Girelli, President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India (CBCI) – Archbishop Oswald Gracias of Mumbai Gracias and the President of the Catholic Conference of Bishops in India (CCBI) – Archbishop Philip Neri of Goa also seem to be taken aback by the Mysuru bishop’s A William eviction episode.

Pune’s Car Crazy – Bishop Thomas Dabre now bought a new Maruti Baleno in December 2022 for Rs 9 lakhs. This is the second car in just a year.

Even if it is at the cost of a monthly allowance of about Rs. 8 lakhs and a holiday allowance of Rs. 5000 per year for three years cheated by poor, helpless priests of different 85 Diocesans.

Peons, teachers, and school staff of 40 different schools headed by Dabre of Pune Diocese were defrauded of monthly allowances, leave allowances, and salary arrears during the Covid period, amounting to around 30 lakhs.

The same amount has been spent by Dabre to buy Honda City and Baleno for himself. Such is the magic of Dubre’s extended two-year tenure as Pune’s most controversial bishop.

Dabre is 77 years old. He is an accused in three POCSO cases who has been released on bail after his arrest. The Sprouts has learned from reliable sources that he is addicted to social parties, self-esteem and foreign entertainment. Even if it is at the cost of robbing peons, maids, teachers, clerks, and priests of their hard-earned money.

The deadly Dabre-friendly gang consisting of Girelli, Gracious, and Neri remained mute spectators despite being fully aware of his wrong and questionable actions. Not only this,

They encouraged him by accepting a Honda City car worth 17 lakhs gifted by Dabre to himself and a blank check of lakhs in his (Dabre’s) personal name from the staff fund.

All this was organized on 30th October 2021 at a public function in Pune to commemorate the golden jubilee of Dabre’s priesthood during the Covid pandemic.

The Dabre gang flew over Pune during the Covid restrictions, clapped, and appreciated the gifts and honor given by Dabre to himself for robbing the school staff and priests and giving them practical guidance of a simple life.

Within days of complaining to the Joint Charitable Commissioner, Pune, a faltering Dabre transferred the Honda City in his personal name to the School Trust (PDES).

The Dabre gang, who did his best to save the disgraced former Bishop William of Mysuru for four years, should be shown a way out like William.

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