HERO for (Dis)Gracias … ZERO for the Vatican!

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Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Mumbai must be squirming in his cassock and shivering in this unusual cold wave.

Unmesh Gujarathi
Sprouts Exclusive

Reason – Oswald’s blue-eyed boy but now a fall guy – Bishop K. A. William of Mysore has been packed off into cold storage for an undisclosed period by the Vatican asking him to take leave. A new interim administrator ( Archbishop Emeritus  Bernard  Moras of Bangalore ) has been appointed in his place from 6.1.2023.

The alleged multiple mistresses keeper, ‘Daddy’ of nearly half a dozen illegitimate kids, kidnapper, sodomizer,  murderer of 4 priests, and swindler of hundreds of Crores of Church funds whom Gracias wanted to make a Hero after a ‘managed’ paternity test in St John’s hospital, Bangalore through a ‘parroted’ media later has been sent packing lock, stock and barrel by the Dicastery for Evangelization which is an Apex Disciplinary Body of the Roman Catholic Church.

Realizing that his game was up and over, William just a few months ago started to dismantle a century-old Bishop residence which had been earlier modified to have several attached bedrooms to his master bedroom for his multiple mistresses to relax and enjoy his regular sexual escapades. 

However, William tried to falsely project this Vatican-forced leave as his going on medical leave. The communique from the Vatican clearly stated that he was being asked to go on leave with no mention of any request for medical leave from William nor sanction thus exposing the camouflage of medical leave. 

Justice Michael Saldhana, a prominent Catholic, who served the Bombay and Karnataka High Courts and with great repute in Judicial circles in a statement to Sprouts said: –

” After a forensic and foolproof investigation I personally conducted into all the facts and documents and delivered a guilty verdict against Bishop K William of Mysuru inter alias under the following charges:

* Personally and through  a Lawyer Threatening intimidation and murder of 41 priests out of whom 4 lost their lives

*  Brazen sexual promiscuity and fathering of children throughout his entire office as a priest and Bishop.

* intimidation of opponents physically through a personal mafia, Police, and Courts by resorting to unlimited corruption.  

* By creating a segment of corrupt clergy by spreading massive  wealth and covering up for every conceivable offense through a corrupt media

* Above all by clandestinely transferring millions of Euros to the Vatican and buying the Church hierarchy in India.

* Pauperising every Diocesan institution by defrauding thousands of crores of rupees a large part of which is outside India.

Justice Michael said he had confronted the Church hierarchy with unimpeachable evidence and set a final deadline of 1st January 2023 with immediate legal action to follow. The Church was left with no option except to jettison him. Justice Saldhana claimed that this cleansing will involve a purge of William’s ENTIRE TEAM.”

Indian Catholic Forum ( ICF ), Kanpur, Convenor – Chhotebhai in a statement to Sprouts has welcomed this small step ( forced leave ) but with a rider that it’s a ‘ soft dismissal ‘.  

The Save Mysore Diocese Action Committee ( SMDAC ) had launched a stir and filed a dossier under 6 heads to the Apostolic visitors and Nuncio in May 2021 under the guidance of Chhotebhai which nailed the criminal and immoral acts of Bishop William. 

Blaise Gomes, spokesman of the Association of Concerned Catholics ( AOCC ), Mumbai in his statement to Sprouts expressed relief at William’s ‘dismissal’. Still, they were ‘worried’ about the fate of his 5 mistresses and their children. He demanded that Cardinal Gracias too now at least gracefully step down for supporting William in his illegal activities.

Sprouts SIT has learnt from reliable sources that William might flee India to Papua New Guinea rather than face the prospect of ending up in an Indian Jail.

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