K(icked) A(ut) William uses wife to save life !

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Wife to sacked Bishop Yajmanuru’s  aid… leads campaign 

Unmesh Gujarathi

In a queer and most amusing development, the unofficial but publicly well-known wife of Bishop K.A.William of the Roman Catholic Diocese (a physical region in Catholic Church administration) of Mysuru, Karnataka has started a get back ‘my Yajmanuru’ ( Kannada version of husband ) drive.

William should ideally have been told to stay outside the Mysuru Diocese during the inquiry. But Sprouts SIT has reliably learnt that he is actively operating from his Sister Mary’s house off Karunapura main road, Mysuru, and seems to be the brain behind his wife’s ( Sunitha ) campaign. 

Readers will recall that William was forced to go on leave by Pope Francis ( head of the world’s largest religious community of Catholics) after 4 long years of a spirited campaign started by 37 of the 100-odd priests of Mysuru Diocese in 2018.

The priests got more muscle into their campaign when leading Catholic organisations and activists in the Country like the Indian Catholic Forum ( ICF ), Kanpur headed by Chottebhai, The Association of Concerned Catholics ( AOCC ), Mumbai spearheaded by Sodder brothers, AOCC’s Bangalore, Pune, Baroda units, Reputed former Justice of Mumbai and Karnataka High Courts – Michael Saldhana lent their full might too.

Two bold, fearless and independent media houses ( Church Militant of USA and yours faithfully – Sprouts’ ) that could not be ‘managed’ by Management guru –  Mumbai’s famous ‘Don’ – Cardinal Oswald Gracias, provided the amazing and relentless K.ick A.ut William campaign a worldwide public viewership of millions forcing Francis on the backfoot. 

Perhaps for the first time ever in Indian Catholic Church history, Pope sent his blue-eyed K(rooked) A(narchic) Willy boy ( almost an invincible knight ) on an all-perks paid ‘Medical’ holiday.

Justice Saldhana who had made an unbelievable 40 physical visits to Mysuru to personally investigate the numerous charges of the 37 priests was aghast at what he saw and heard. Dashing off several legal notices to Pope and Co in his typical jurist language he unshackled (Dis)gracias a stranglehold on the Vatican Empire forcing Francis to ask ‘Wicked Daddy’ Willy to do the vanishing act.

Never to give up on his dirty tricks, William has now started using his first of the five unofficial wives — Sunitha ( who gifted and bestowed the Celibate with an astonishing look-alike junior Bishop son ) to lead his comeback campaign.

Sprouts has a photograph of Mrs William No One holding a red ( hot ) file along with a few others leading the fightback on behalf of her dear Yajmanuru. This loyalty by Sunitha is not for free because she has been gifted a 10 Crores palace, an expensive car, a limitless credit card, and most of all a male heir to Bishop William’s throne and Hundreds of his ill-gotten Crores.

Fearing a cash and comfort crunch that may hit her and her Yajmanuru’s male heir,  Sunitha’s only Hope seems to be The Pope. The blackmailing by William with Don Disgracias help is very easy as Francis has lots of skeletons in his own backyard and is fighting a survival battle himself.

Francis’s handling or rather mishandling of his close friend Fr. and later Bishop Gustavo Oscar Zanchetta who was accused of sexually abusing two seminarians as well as mishandling diocese funds is well known. That Francis’s ‘illogical protection’ of Gustavo was only exposed after an Argentine court sentenced Gustavo to 4.5 years jail plus immediate arrest is also in the full public domain. 

Presently Roving Rupnik Marco Ivan, a brother Jesuit priest and close friend of Pope Francis who is alleged to have sexually abused a mind-boggling 20 Loyola nuns is making waves in Italian and International media.

A fourth nun has just come out in the open and exposed horrific sex details that can’t be printed in this Sprouts article for their appalling nature. Church Militant being a Western media house has the gory details published for its readers.

Vatican ( Pope ) in the past has used the same modus operandi of first sending any accused priest/bishop on medical leave just like in the Gustavo case as well as now in the case of William. This trick now seems outdated and not fooling anyone in Mysuru or the rest of the Country. 

Don Disgracias clearly indicates Rome’s tight lid on scandals in his telephonic conversation with William – ‘Rome wants to prevent more protest cases of this kind and demoralise future protesters in other possible cases. 

Justice Saldhana, AOCC Mumbai spokesman- Blaise Gomes, ICF, Kanpur Convenor- Chhotebhai, Pune AOCC convenor- Dominic Lobo, Pune anti-corruption crusaders – Manav Kamble, Maruti Bhapkar, and Mysuru Diocese action Committee members in their individual interviews with Sprouts SIT gave a somewhat common reaction –

” This time it’s a different ball game for Rome as well as us. The protests against William, Gracias,Dabre, Franco will intensify with every passing day. Having almost lost faith in Pope and his Indian croonies ( unless they take decisive action to show their credibility ), the activists are all geared to file criminal/civil, administrative complaints with different law enforcement agencies like Police, Courts, ED, CBI, GST, IT, Charity Commissioner.

Education Commissioner, State Government, Central Government to nail these crooks comprehensively and send them to their rightful place – Jail. The ball is now in the Pope’s court.  Remove the rogues in 15 -30 days from now or Face Civil, Criminal, or administrative action whose all risks and consequences will be that of Pope, Gracias, Neri, and Delhi Nuncio Leopoldo’s making.”

Sprouts has promised all the NGOs and individual activists its continued and unflinching support in their noble aim to cleanse the Indian Catholic Church of lumpen elements. This will ensure that clean and selfless religious leaders replace the selfish and self-serving ones in the future.

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