Kicked Out Bishop evaded Rs. 3.50 Crores GST

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Murderer, Kidnapper, Swindler, Sex Crazy William now even GST evader !

Unmesh Gujarathi
Sprouts Exclusive

Kicked out Mysore Bishop William has now been found to have evaded a staggering 3.5 crores of GST in the period 2017-22.

When caught and confronted by the office of Principal Commissioner of Central Tax, Mysuru GST commissionerate, James Dominic, Secretary and Financial Administrator of Mysore Diocesan Society (MDS) paid up the dues.

The MDS has not paid GST on the legal services of advocates it hired and has been demanded to pay an amount of 5.59 lakhs on 31 lakhs it spent.

Bishop K A William has already been alleged to have committed 4-5 murders of priests opposed to him, kidnapped a lady, kept 5 Mistresses who have sired him 5 illegitimate children, and swindled hundreds of crores of church funds with the active support of Cardinal Oswald Gracias of Mumbai.

The shocking evasion bid by a religious institution in Mysuru headed by then Bishop William now raises important questions on similar Diocesan societies in Maharashtra and India headed by Bishops.

The Pune Diocesan Corporation (PDC) in Pune Diocese headed by Pocso accused Thomas Dabre (now on bail in three POCSO cases)  owns about 17 schools.

PDC is registered as a Private Ltd Company under the Companies Act and thus a business entity attracting GST on all rents or income received as well as on all fees paid to advocates for legal services.

The PDC receives income from all 17 schools as rent/profit for renting out the school buildings and property to the Poona Diocesan Educational Society (PDES) which manages the 17 odd schools in Pune.

The GST and IT commissionerates in Pune, Mumbai, and other cities in the country may strike it rich as Sprouts has reliably learnt that the Diocesan Societies are not paying GST despite earning huge profits as Pvt. Ltd. Companies but deliberately registered as Trusts under the Societies Act to claim IT exemption under the false pretext of being social and non-profit institutions.

That the Diocesan schools underpay the staff of unaided sections despite making huge profits is no secret and Sprouts’ SIT has financial information on the low salary to the high-income ratio which will be exposed in due course soon.

Recently Sprouts’ SIT exposed how even peons, and teachers have been not refunded the illegally cut salaries during Covid while Chairman –

Thomas Dabre gifted himself a luxurious 17 lakhs Honda City car and a blank cheque during the very Covid period when the illegal deduction took place and was cheered by another POCSO accused Cardinal Oswald Gracias and Nuncio Leopoldo Girelli.

That Dabre ‘confirmed’ his Honda car theft by hurriedly transferring the car back to the Trust (PDES) when a complaint was lodged with the Pune Jt Charity Commissioner is well known and exposed by Sprouts’ SIT.

Sprouts has now learnt that POCSO accused Dabre who  at 77 is a car-crazy cleric has purchased another car through the other society he heads – Poona Diocesan Corporation (PDC)

Will the Pune and Mumbai GST Commissioners take a cue from the Mysuru GST commissionerate?

The IT Authorities may well like to follow their GST counterparts to find out how most principals, chairmen of Diocesan schools/Societies and their families own multiple luxury cars and huge bungalows while purportedly earning just about Rs. 6000/- per month as honorarium.

Sprouts SIT will be providing key information on above evasion and money laundering to the GST, IT and ED authorities in Mumbai,Pune and other cities to expose loot in the name of Religion.

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