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Mastermind is still scot-free

Sex scandal in Mumbai’s Darukhana

The news of the ‘Sex scandal at Darukhana in Mumbai’ was published by Sprouts on Sept 01. After that, the Sewari (Shivadi) police woke up from a deep slumber and the “managed” Shivadi police arrested the three accused. But the other accused including its mastermind is still scot-free, the victims alleged.

Over 15 accused are alleged to have been involved in the racket. But the police have been able to arrest only three accused and others are still at large, after 8 days of the crime coming to the fore.

The delay is expected to allow the accused to destroy the vital evidence. Besides, most of the victims are not coming forward with their complaints due to the pressure from the relatives of the accused.

The sex racket

15 to 16 boys in the age group 21 to 30 engaged in the work of gutter-cleaning are involved in this scandal. These boys clandestinely shot obscene videos of private movements of women from 40 to 50 families. They included videos while women bathed, changed their clothes, had physical relations with their husbands etc.

They not only shot the videos but also blackmailed the victims and extorted money from them. This information was given by the victims to Sprouts on condition of anonymity.

Local residents’ ‘curiosity’

How can those engaged in gutter cleaning work afford to have costly gold rings, chains, laptops, cell phones etc?

According to the police press note, the matter dates back to 2019-2020. Then why did they not take any action earlier ? The spot of the crime at Boart Hard Road is at a stone’s throw distance from the Sewari police station. The racket was run every night. But the police were unaware.

The police are not taking the victims into confidence. As such they are reluctant to come forward and open themselves before the police. Apparently, the victim women are pressurised.

“I am sure police will find the mastermind of this incident because of whom this had happened, still I will personally inform the police commissioner of Mumbai,”

Ajit Pawar,

Opposition leader,

Maharashtra Assembly

“The police are trying to protect their image and are trying to prevent the issue from getting precipitated and are delaying the matter. Hence I will meet Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to demand stern action against the police and the accused.”

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