Multi crore scam by producing false medical certificates of deceased doctor

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Need strict action against the Directors of the aforesaid companies as well as legal heirs of Doctor

Unmesh Gujarathi
Sprouts Exclusive

Bogus medical certificates were submitted to the court in the name of a doctor and through this the finance companies were cheated of crores of rupees, such alarming information has come to the notice of the Sprouts Special Investigation Team.

Mumbai’s Prashanti Land Developers and Kandivali Balaji Investment both are private limited companies. The directors of these companies are Narendra Dhirajlal Shah, Himanshu Narendra Shah and Revati Himanshu Shah. All of them belong to the same family. The family members have taken loans from India Infoline Home Finance Limited (IIFL Home Finance Limited) and various other private finance companies. The cost of the loan is thousands of crores of rupees.

The borrower’s money was not refunded by the family. That’s why IIFL Home Finance Limited, the finance company, ran to the Gurgaon court in Delhi. It was only there that the Board of Directors did not give relief till the court date and did not give the loan amount. After all, the court  issued warrants against the family members.

To save themselves from the arrest, the family members used a trick. Directors have made bogus medical certificates in the name of deceased Dr. Suryakant B. Shah (Address: B. 406, Kapoor Apartment, Chandavarkar Road, Borivali, West). All medical certificates have been submitted to the court.

The family members have in total more than 15 cases against them in Dwarka South West Delhi Courts and Gurugram Courts under section138 of  Negotiable Instruments Act- 138 wherein they are proclaimed offenders as well as having non bailable warrant against them who have produced false medical certificates of Dr. Suryakant Shah who is passed away which is a strict criminal offence and contempt of court.

Further, upon inquiry on even upon death of the Doctor how the medical certificates can be issued? Need strict action against the Directors of the aforesaid companies as well as legal heirs (son: Sumit Shah) of Doctor who are distributing such certificates.

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