Pope’s Can(non) law for K(rook) William

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Gracious advice to Bishop – Take Leave to ‘manage’ Pope

Unmesh Gujarathi

Disgraced ex-Bishop K.A.William of Mysuru Catholic diocese was forced to go on leave due to growing pressure from Former High Court Judge Michael Saldhana, Association of Concerned Catholics (AOCC), Chottebhai’s Indian Catholic Forum (ICF) – Kanpur, Mysore Diocese Action Committee, and few vocal Independent media houses (including your faithful – Sprouts).

However, he was shockingly given a very long rope (4 years) by Pope Francis, Cardinal Gracias, and two successive Delhi-based Nuncios despite overwhelming evidence of fraud, murders,

kidnapping, sexual escapades, etc. It seems Francis, Gracias and the two Nuncios changed CANON Law into KANON or KA-NON Law to help KA William.

Sprouts SIT has copies of those documents that were sent to Pope Francis, Gracias and then Nuncio 4 years ago and which would have in ordinary circumstances forced even the worst of Management/ Religious heads to drop William like a hot brick within days of receipt of the same.

But Pope Francis, Cardinal Gracias, and two successive Nuncios in Delhi took 4 long years to either decipher the enormity of William’s crimes or deliberately acted dumb, deaf, and blind to save their own crimes (and positions) that are coming out of the Vatican and local Indian closets on almost regular basis every day.

William’s six different bank accounts in 6 different names (very deftly done) with little changes in the arrangement of letters, and alphabets in 6 different Banks was more than enough even for a School student to detect the magical accounts juggling.

However, Pope Francis who heads the World’s Largest Religion and perhaps the biggest accounts in the world plus our very own Cardinal Gracias who heads the Indian Catholic Church, the richest diocese in India, and is supposedly an Advisor to the Pope on good governance of Churches saw nothing amiss in William’s great jugglery and art of deception!

That these six bank accounts showed William transferred lakhs into accounts of his sister, mistresses, insurance, and his own personal account from Church accounts made no impact on Francis and his team as if the Law for running Churches was (Can) nonapplicable to ‘Dear Daddy’ William on his murders, kidnapping, looting, sexual exploits on Bishop duty as well as now when on leave as Ex- Bishop!

Even an RTO registration document showing Daddy transferring a brand new car – a Maruti Celerio (KA 55 M 8443) costing about 8 lakhs from his personal name to that of a mistress- Sunitha who had sired William his ditto duplicate son failed to impress Francis, Gracias, and Leopoldo.  

That ‘Daddy’ was a real phenomenon in Mysore and a not a true Celibate, Clean, Humble Soul worthy of holding The Pure Body and Blood of Jesus aloft and then offering to the faithful at Mass after Mass in Mysuru Churches didn’t make a difference to the Pope, Gracias, Nuncios!

Francis, Gracias, and two Nuncios by their inaction have stained their very own hands and souls by being one with the blood-stained hands and soul of William that were full of dirt, stench, loot, and sexual acts.

Or could be that they too are made of the same stuff of character as ‘Wicked, Crooked Daddy William’ and hence the natural sympathy and unusual long rope to date? 

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