Silence of Gujarat Govt on violation of Govt rules by the IITRAM, Ahme

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Get an inside look at the Government of Gujarat’s Institute of Infrastructure Technology Research and Management (IITRAM) ‘s unethical practices and how they impact students.

Unmesh Gujarathi
Sprouts Exclusive

The Institute of Infrastructure Technology Research and Management (IITRAM) is an autonomous technical university established by the Government of Gujarat and is operated by an Independent Board of Governors (BoG). A high official of the Gujarat Government is a member of the BoG.

So far, the Institute operates almost entirely on the back of funding from the State Government. Ironically, even though IITRAM has been in existence for several years, the key posts are held by individuals in in-charge roles. Further, all the officials holding in-charge roles are from only one institute which is the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar.

The in-charge Director General (Dr. Amit Prashant), in-charge Director (Dr. Sameer Dalvi), and in-charge Registrar (Rambabu Bhagat) are all regular employees of IIT Gandhinagar and only visit IITRAM less than once a week.

The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) of the Govt of India says that there is no additional pay for holding additional charges of posts in PSUs /Autonomous Bodies, etc.

On one hand, these irregularities are going on with the full knowledge of the Gujarat State Government, and on the other hand, the basic issues of the students are ignored. The SIT has learnt that the students who graduated in the year 2022 have not yet received their final mark sheets.

The convocation has also not been held to date for those who have graduated in the year 2022. The money spent on additional remuneration for in-charge positions should better be spent on students.

The Sprouts Special Investigation Team (SIT) has found out that Dr. Amit Prashant, Dr. Sameer Dalvi and Rambabu Bhagat have been receiving extra remuneration for holding additional posts at IITRAM.

These three individuals are getting a large honorarium of INR 90000/-, 70000/-, and 50000/- per month respectively, causing loss to the exchequer. Otherwise also, if these positions were given to the internal faculty members, there would be no extra expenditure on IITRAM.

The SIT has also found that the Gujarat State Government is fully aware of such misappropriation of public funds because a high state government official is the member of the BoG of IITRAM and there have been complaints to the different officials of the Gujarat State Government regarding the misappropriation of public fund by the officials of IITRAM.

Therefore, the Gujarat State Government is letting the BoG of IITRAM wilfully cause loss to the exchequer in violation of set government rules.

The irregularities at IITRAM are not limited to only the misappropriation of public funds, the SIT has also found that some appointments are also made in violation of government rules. As per the government rules, the officials who are in in-charge positions should not indulge in the appointment process of regular employees.

However, some of the in-charge officials have been taking part in the recruitment of regular employees like Assistant Registrars, Deputy Registrar and Registrar.

They have taken part in the advertisement, shortlisting and interviewing candidates in the absence of the regular Director General (Prof. Bhrigu Nath Singh) who is supposed to join in a few weeks.

The Sprouts team tried to contact Prof. Sudhir K. Jain, who is the Chairman, IITRAM and also the Vice Chancellor of BHU, to get his version but could not contact him.-

Only Ambedkrites worked with four US Presidential Campaign:
Deelip worked and participated in last 4 US presidential campaign. While working with President Obama’s campaign, Deelip was able to provide copies of Dr. Ambedkar’s speech to Candidate Obama which later President Obama’s famous speech in Indian Lok Sabha, referred Dr. Ambedkar’s pioneering work.

Adding to great success just last year, Representative Ilhan Omar,  U.S. Representative Jim McGovern, U.S. Representative Rashida Tlaib, and Representative Juan Vargas passed the U.S. Congress resolution 1196 condemning atrocities on Dalits, Tribals, and other minorities in India and supported the pass a bill to protect Asian American’s from Caste related discrimination in USA.

One of the early success of Deelip Mhaske’s work in US Congress was Representative Eleanor Holmes Norton, who first introduced the bill in the USA Congress and soon going to be law. Till now Deelip was able to garner almost 200 US congressmen/women support including Vice President Kamala Harris and President Biden, just short of a simple majority 218 of 435. He is hoping by the next US presidential election in 2024, Caste will be included as a civil rights violation in the USA.

Deelip Mhaske in the White House celebration of social equality by Vice President Harris almost closing deal on the US Congress support to make Caste a civil right issue in the USA. A move he thinks not divide Indians but strengthen all Indians’ dream of a “Casteless Society” not just in the USA but in India too.

Read this also : Self Brake on Pune Diocese Fund transfer to Nuncio and Pope 

The move that Prime Minister Modi finds the birth of the second era of Ambedkar Movement, and will strengthen India’s image globally. In fact, it’s the only hurdle most of the developed countries not recognizing India superpower.

Deelip Mhaske’s leadership was not just recognized by Prime Minister of India, but Prime Minister of New Zealnd, Prime Minister of Iceland, United Nations Secretary-General, President Biden and Vice President Kamla Harris. He was able to give justice to Dr. Ambedkar’s work, a true unsung hero, who is not building India’s image globally but actively helping thousands of marginalized community student to learn Artificial Intelligence a theme of 132nd Birth Anniversary of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar in the United Nations.

When speaking about the various Dalit groups’ approach to the new legislations in California and Seattle, Deelip Mhaske’s was very cautious and dishearten. He mentioned, he never heard of these groups before, but last few years, through Anti-India supporters, they are gaining international media attention, and dividing Indian Diaspora.

American Hindu’s are not opposing Caste legislation, in fact, all US Hindu congressmen and women support the Bill to celebrate Dr. Ambedkar’s birth anniversary in US Congress and the White House. 

They are a strong supporter of introducing a bill to include Caste inthe Civil Rights Act. Very specifically he mentioned a few USA-born activists who never experienced Caste Atrocities, using caste messages in dividing the country for self-promotion and not hurting India’s image but also Dr. Ambedkar’s legacy.

President Biden’s scheduled trip to India in September, and having trust of President Biden and Prime Minister Modi, we will be not surprised to see Deelip Mhaske playing bigger role to strengthen India-USA ties.

Deelip Mhaske and his team work on a global platform, not just fathered the world’s 1st Anti-Caste movement outside the USA, but a true new Ambedkrite movement is born, a movement that believes in India’s democracy and making India a superpower globally. This movement may have put seeds for the new era of Ambedkar, a true legacy of Bharat Ratna Dr. Ambedkar.

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