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Suppression by the Shinde government in Rajapur

Maharashtra government’s Oppressive Practices

Unmesh Gujarati
Sprouts Exclusive

The survey for the proposed refinery at Barsu- Solgaon in Rajapur taluka has partially started from Monday. The villagers have strongly opposed this survey. But Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has given ‘free hand’ to Industries Minister Uday Samant for this project.

So Samant has started oppression on a large scale. Therefore, the impact of his suppression will fall on the Shinde group of Shiv Sena and BJP in the coming elections.

The atmosphere in the Barsu- Solgaon area is turbulent. Not only this, the amount of heat in the atmosphere is increasing, so this survey should be canceled immediately, President of Barsu-Solagaon Refinery Anti-Organization Narendra Joshi and other villagers demanded.

Shiv Sena (UBT), Janata Dal Mumbai President Prabhakar Narkar and State Secretary Sanjay Parab have also supported this demand.

Actually, Uday Samant is only interested in the ‘percentage’ of this project. For that, they are showing the carrots of ’employment’, ‘economic prosperity’ to the people of Konkan. And that is why the government is rejecting the demand to cancel the survey of the villagers.

Not only this, the Samant has deployed a force of around 1600 policemen to crush the opposition of the villagers and has also started repression through them.

Social workers who oppose this oppression in a democratic way have been started by the police. Senior social activist Satyajit Chavan was called to the police station for questioning in the murder of journalist Shashikant Warishe and there he was illegally arrested.

He is still in judicial custody. Satyajit Chavan and Nitin Jathar were called for questioning three times by the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS).

ATS officials later admitted in writing that nothing came out of the inquiry. However, the dark side of the Shinde-Fadnavis government came before the eyes of the people of Maharashtra. This was an attempt to ‘target’ activists, apart from this it was also seen as misuse of government machinery.

Mangesh Chavan was arrested along with Satyajit Chavan last week. Not only this, Vaibhav Kolvankar, Amit Neverekar, Swapnil Sogam were also arrested on Monday.

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Other activists have also been disturbed by the case, while some prominent activists have gone underground. Due to the brutality of the police, the people of Rajapur are angry about Uday Samant.

Pandharinath Amberkar, the main accused in the murder case of journalist Shashikant Warishe, was arrested. But the mastermind of this matter is Uday Samant, the MP of Shiv Sena’s Thackeray group Sanjay Raut tweeted this meaning. But Samant was not even questioned.

Anil Nagvekar, the chief Public Relations Officer of the refinery, is making sure that not only the local but also the major newspapers of Maharashtra do not get any hostile news about the refinery.

For that, they are working to give ‘pockets’ to the owners and editors of some major media. Journalists who do not beg for bait and threats. They even get killed, all these feats are done by the accused like Pandharinath Amberkar.

The main accused, Amberkar, was considered to be Nagvekar’s right-hand man. Therefore, the ‘Sprouts’ and the local villagers also demanded that the call records of Nagvekar during ‘that’ period should be checked and they should be thoroughly investigated in the case of Warishe’s murder, but all this case was ‘managed’ only by arresting Amberkar. And Nagvekar was not even investigated.

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