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Although Veet hair removal cream is being touted as the best hair removal cream, it is beset with several side effects like breaking the hair with chemicals, alleging reactions, skin damage and chemical burns.

Although the cream claims to make the skin smooth, in fact the skin of the user is hardened and its gradual impact on body is dangerous, since it contains many artificial chemicals which permanently harm the skin.

They say never look a gift horse on its face. This exactly applies for people seeking to use Veet hair removal cream for a painless, fast, affordable and convenient experience when compared to traditional methods of hair removal from parts of the body like waxing. Firstly, Veet, though popular among youth of either gender, also comes with the warning that it should be kept out of reach from children. Secondly, there is also written caution that it should not be applied for longer than duration of six minutes. However, many either fail to read the warning or choose to ignore it.

• Easy and fast cream Veet may damage skin

Warnings apart, there are several damaging side effects that will not find mention in the product usage manual. These include, importantly, skin darkening, itching sensation in skins that are sensitive, Allergic reactions too are commonly reported from some quarters using this cream. At times there are also reports about getting scars, rashes or even paining sensation. The Sprouts’ Special Investigation Team that examined the true nature of such creams found out that the cream contains several hazardous chemicals many of which are artificial and might generate permanent harm to body skin on repeated usage over a period of time.

Besides, Veet claims the usage of Lotus Milk and Jasmine fragrance covers up for the bad odour such creams have when applied on body skin. Our SIT found this claim too to be misleading. Alternate solutions like waxing, razor and epilators are found to be sound and effective means of removing body hair. The immediate side effects the cream engender range anywhere between a few hours to several days. In fact, an epilator should be treated as a one-time cost as it lasts for nearly five years and over the period it works out to be much cheaper and more effective than waxing or razor usage.

Also to be borne in mind is that the sensitivity of skin on face, arms, legs and body are different. Before usage, it’s highly recommended that you perform a skin patch test to determine how safe and congenial it is on the skin part you plan to apply it on.

List of dangerous chemicals in Veet:

• paraffinum • magnesium • Trisilicate • Propylene Glycol • Lithium • Magnesium Sodium Silicate • Methylpropional • Butylphenyl • Methylpropional • Propylene Glycol • CL 77891

► Much safer options: waxing, Razor, Epilator

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