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Nowadays, shopping is considered as an essential before starting exercise. The sneakers are required for morning walk, jogging and for other leisure activities. The makes the best use of this psyche and swindles the gullible buyers.

The above website offers footwear brands like Nike, Adidas with a 50 to 60 per cent discount. Like the vegetables are priced in the market, this website too offers two pairs for Rs 1299/-, three pairs for Rs 1799 and so on, through its advertisement.

This website has over 77,000 followers on Instagram, and is updated daily. Obviously the people are lured by such offers. One such customer viewed the advertisement through Instagram and checked the reviews which too were positive. As such he paid the charges on google pay and also paid separate charges for the delivery.

But after the payment, the customer did not receive any confirmatory e-mail. Perturbed, the customer tried to reach the vendor through the landline phone. But the number turned out to be invalid. The address provided by the vendor is also fake. It directly means buyer lost the money.

This is not the complaint of the duped buyer Aditya alone. There are so many customer review websites flooded with likewise complaints. Some of the YouTubers have also described this site as a “fraud”. The insta comments section of this website has been blocked. And its followers are fake.

The screenshots in the reviews section of the website have no links. Despite this, the products are being promoted through social platforms like Instagram. There is no fact- check facility on Instagram which normally boasts of content security. That is the reason these fake websites make the best use of Instagram and flourish.

Usually such fake websites are opened in the name of some products for two to three months. Once site started getting negative review, they change a domain name for Rs 800/-. And publish it again with new name and logo. The products are offered in the price range of Rs 1000 to Rs 2000/-, so that the duped customers do not approach police and the cyber cell also does not take cognizance of such small deals.

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