RO purified water a sham on health freaks

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As an increasing number of urban households influenced by television program sponsors airing the benefits of RO (reverse osmosis) water switch over to usage of these so-called water purifiers, the World Health Organization in a recent statement issued stern cautioning that the product is highly detrimental to human health. The warning also spelt out that even a few months of consuming RO water can result in serious bodily harm to the end users. The extensive use of RO water purifiers that are filling in the coffers of the aqua companies causes more damage than good. The water does get purified. However, in the process upward of 95% of mineral content including calcium and magnesium get eliminated from the otherwise mineral rich tap water. Besides, the WHO statement clearly emphasizes that such purified water has irreversible adverse impact on both human and animal digestive systems.

• Slew of serious ailments can result from RO

People consuming RO water regularly have complained of cardiovascular disorders, tiredness, bodily weakness and cramped muscle conditions. Additionally, scientific research has established beyond reasonable doubt that consumption of RO water causes more bodily harm than regular tap water with its usual contaminants. The scientists also spelt out that the bodily harm caused to humans took place at a much faster pace than in the case of tap water. The WHO on its part, arrived at this conclusion after intensive analysis of hundreds of scientific papers on the topic.

• Body loses many minerals and vitamins

The scientific explanation offered was that RO purified water did not contain enough minerals. Consequently, those consuming the purified water lose out on bodily minerals and vitamins they consume from food, while urinating. This actually serves as a double-whammy from the health point of view. Firstly, usage of RO water means the human system consumes lesser minerals. Secondly, the minerals and vitamins already existing in the human system from consumption of food get depleted while urinating. The scientific study also established that consuming water having lesser mineral content (RO water) cannot get compensated by dietary adjustments.

• WHO finds it’s very harmful for humans

Findings from scientific research also pointed out that RO water caused severe dilution in the electrolytes that are found in common tap water. This adversely affects the smooth functioning of vital body organs. Initially the body responds by experiencing exhaustion and fatigue. With the passage of time, it can cause headaches. Severe muscular cramps result from frequent consumption of RO water and in the worst case the heart beat rate is also adversely impacted. The reports furnished by more recent studies on the topic mention some alarming aspects of RO water usage. It includes lifestyle connected ailments like hypertension, coronary heart disease, gastric trouble, duodenal ulcers, chronic gastritis, goiter and pregnancy complications. In addition, the newborn infant could also contract health complications that include jaundice, anemia, fractures and growth disorders. The scientific research summarized that consuming water that was low on minerals caused loss of bodily minerals that can precipitate a slew of such ailments.

• Natural drinking water is beneficial

It might look like an engineering problem for those seeking to use RO purified water after injecting it with all the minerals that are contained in natural water before final consumption. Scientists however, clarified that the feat was not possible. “Natural drinking water has its protective values whether for direct consumption or in cooking food. In both instances, it’s undesirable to use RO purified water,” the researchers specified.

The WHO also emphasized that the government or state administration in each country should intervene by taking adequate steps to increase public awareness about the health hazards posed by usage of RO water. At the same time the government or civic administration in their respective zones should be in a position to supply the common people with adequately safe potable water so that people do not have to opt for RO purifiers.

To sum up, it requires a three-pronged attack on such harmful and hazardous products being promoted in the market as a healthy drinking practice. The local civic authority, the consumer activists who can spread adequate awareness and also the media platforms including social media outlets should carry on a protracted campaign to curb this menace.

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