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One accused has been arrested in connection with the sexual exploitation of minor girls in a Navi Mumbai Church. However, the Special Investigation Team of Sprouts has learned that the trustees and other office bearers of the church are also suspected to have been involved in this scandal.

Bethel Gospel Charitable Trust runs a church in the posh Seawood area of Navi Mumbai. The area is known for houses of NRIs. The Trustees of this church have been running a Children’ Home unauthorisedly for the last 5 to 6 years at this place.

By and large, the office bearers and trustees of this church have been abusing the minor boys and girls in the age group 3 to 18 years. They were sent to the children’s home by the Christian missionaries.

These children were sexually exploited to earn crores of rupees. The trust has been receiving huge donations under the name of humanitarian work. But surprisingly the officers of the Women and Child Welfare department raided the hostel and rescued 44 children, on August 05. They included 13 girls and the rest boys.

After a complaint of sexual exploitation of 4 girls was received, the prime accused Pastor Rajkumar Yesudasan (50) was arrested and charged under POSCO were leveled against him.

The sexual exploitation of children has been going on for the last 5 to 6 years. Although Pastor Rajkumar Yesudasan has been arrested, action is required to be taken against all the trustees and office bearers and their Narco test should be conducted.

Many more cases of sexual exploitation will be unearthed if it is probed why several children left this hostel within a short span. The inquiry can be conducted against the organisations sending children to this hostel. Besides, the role of the police is suspicious since they have not been interrogating the other accused and have remained mere spectators in the scandal.

“In a memorandum to Navi Mumbai Police Commissioner, we have demanded that an inquiry be held against all illegal hostels, schools and Children’s Homes run by the Bethel Gospel Charitable Trust. Besides, the recognition of this church should be canceled”.

Sagar Chopdar,

Hindu Janjagruiti Samiti

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